Spires Car Park

With effect from Friday 15 December 2017, NCP (National Car Parks) have taken over the management of the car park of The Spires shopping centre from Legion Parking. They have restructured the charges to include a substantial reduction for short term parking:

Old tariff New tariff
Up to one hour   £1.50   £1.00
Up to two hours   £2.90   £2.00
Up to three hours   £2.90   £3.00
Up to four hours   £3.40   £4.00
Over four hours   £5.80   £5.30

We have asked how they will treat blue badge holders and they have said this has yet to be decided. Legion required them to pay. The new NCP temporary signs make no reference to blue badge holders. We have asked that until the replacement signs make this clear they should not seek to fine blue badge holders who park assuming they are not required to pay.

Members will be aware that we have long campaigned with Legion over the excessive short-term charges in The Spires which has left the car park rarely more than 40% full. So the change of management is to be welcomed. We will be maintaining contact with NCP to press for policies that maximise the use of the available parking spaces.

Also keep in mind that until 31 December 2017 all Council parking spaces in the Borough are free on Saturdays and Sundays.